World Channelers, Is Wake up Time!

The Council of Light from Orion – Channeled by Gina Fegali

“In your brain, you got the power to inclose or disclose your information. Ages ago, humanity unconsciously decided to block and important part of their brain, to stop the evolution of spiritual skills. It was an internal process which has brought Humans to get more in contact with their own egos, instead of being more in touch with the Supreme Higher Self of Love and Light. This part of your brain, which includes potential growth to bring awareness and the power of telepathy communications, not getting involved on the control time-space, cycle/illusion, and in fact, being in divers realities and dimensions. Having the faculty of being at the same time at different places or even being, omnipresent, where past, present, future does not really exist.

This part of the brain, has being blocked in Humanity, but gently through practices of meditation it has come back to you, very subtle. Through the next channeling messages, you will find the appropriate techniques, to overcome any obstacles to activate or disclosed the blockages in your brain. You will activate your DNA energetic structure to connect with The Highest Levels of Your Higher Self, which is constantly in contact with us, capturing our messages and our frequencies, which are always connected to Our Creator. You Human Angels, has as well the ability to reach for the Power of The Creator within you, and the amazing capability to be in contact with a sacred open heart, to reach for a better “yourself”, and become the Oneness within you, in Humanity.

Before we continue, downloading all the information, be prepared for the next channelings of creating the New Paradigm in your life and be your own co-creator for a New World, and bring back The Celestial New Earth on Mother Earth. The Angelic Realms, are here now to protect you and guided you, so please before we continue, we will open the space for Archangel Michael, to embrace all The Planet Earth and All Humankind existence and embrace them with the Blue Light of Love and Peace. Now, as well we call on Archangel Metatron to embrace with purple light and take all humanity into the Merkaba Purple Light, into the 5th dimension for a better reliable true existence. Now that we have the power, the protection and the guidance of the Archangels, we The Council of Light from Orion, get in touch with the Celestial Realms, Star-beings and Ascended Masters, to come here to embrace the Highest Power of Love and Light of God. So each of you, who gets in touch with this words embrace and receive our powerful grace and love, to become the God which all ready exist within you. Bringing light, abundance, peace, love, and heaven in your heart.

From now one, with this blessings and your sacred open heart, receive with gratitude and respect this information of wisdom and surround yourself with a Diamond Light coming from The Divine Center Source into your brain, through your pineal gland and going through your third eye, passing through your heart, opening the chakras in your palms and expanding the light, into your body. Coming and connecting telepathically with the next human next to you, and the next one, to the next and so on. Bring this energy as a light coming from the third eye, to all the energy around you. Feel humankind around you, feel humankind inside you and feel the past, the present and the future, at the same time inside your thoughts and your heart.

Seen everything inside you, expanding  the love to each part of yourself and your emotions, your fears are not longer to stay here. Bring a light to your fears, instead of getting more concentrated in them. Now bring light again into your third eye and feel the expansion with a cosmic tunnel which connects you from planet Earth to a dimensional cosmic transportation, which will bring you the state  of happiness and consciousness. The expansion of the brain has being interrupted during many years in humankind to prevent even worst things because of the free will, but now is the time to release all this information and let the lightworkes and the Human Angels, who are trained to help others to guided other humans to reach, their own Human Angel state, which is the Celestial truth in each one of you. 

How to recognize a Human Angel?

Have you always wanted to do something more for humanity? Do you tend to be emotionally and very sensitive for humans? mother Earth or animals suffering? Have you the need to connect with The Celestial Realms? Have you felt your Angles or tried to get in contact with your Guardian Angels ?When you have being in very difficult desperate moments, have you reached out for the Celestial World to come to you and protected you and guided you? Have you had any kind of feeling of connection with your your brain? Have you thought of a better world? A decent world? New paradigms arriving into this reality? and letting go, old patterns? Have you had a very deep desire of the spiritual world? bringing you to a dark path, challenging you, to get motivated to find your true essence? Your inner love of hoping for a better self, a better life, a better humanity and a better world, with a relationship based of Love and Light? Any of this questions, does ring a bell to you?

This are the main characteristics of the nature of Human Angels, on Earth. Who are now awakening to bring the Love and the Light into this energetic Paradigm, which is in the portal of changing. Bring the communion of the Ascension in the spiritual humankind evolution. Now is the time to invest in the Bank of Consciousness. Make your investment pledge today, in this hour, at this moment. This message has come to you at this time because your inner self seeks to be reminded of this crucial tool to influence our worldly destiny. The bank is open to everyone, it is the Bank of Oneness, it is the Mass Consciousness, the collective soul of humanity. Your return on your investment could be immense and it is definitely immeasurable in terms of it’s far reaching effects.”

The Council of Light from Orion – Channeled by Gina Fegali