Stillness Found


“Let us be silent, that we may hear the whispers of the gods.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

You find yourself saying things like:  “I think too much,”  “I can’t get out of my own head,” or ”I’m always running,”, “I’m always late” ?

This is pretty common, specially in our hectic society. Thinking isn’t the real problem, is the emotional attachment that we struggle with  and  when we’re constantly spinning stories in our heads and getting caught up in them, over and over again.

Our monkey mind jump from one thing to another, seeking distraction or avoiding difficulty, just trying to understand or just trying to release pain or fear. We can’t focus, we can’t be present in the moment, and we feel the need to be constantly busy, creating, reading, running, doing somethings. Just because we have the need of adrenaline and an accelerated life style.

Finding stillness, is the answer. Yet is a matter of practice and will.

Our mental processes — jumping around and distraction and being caught up in stories — don’t have to cause us anxiety, actually, but still they do. And why is that? I guess is our  normal human condition. If this is how our minds are most of the time, then feeling afflicted by this condition is probably going to cause us constant anxiety.

So, let’s see how we can shift that into positive habits and a better life:

  • be aware of these mental conditions; observation, is key.
  • be present with the mental pattern and stay with it; and feel it in your body.
  • work with the condition in a mindful way. Breathing or sound helps strongly.

The only way to do all of that is to start with stillness.

A Moment of Stillness. How to start?

Take a minute out of your busy day and try to do the following:

  1. Sit still and look away from all devices and other activities. Just sit there, maybe with your eyes closes, maybe looking at nature or a wall.
  2. Take a moment and observe the state is your mind in. How do you feel? Are you tired, anxious, frustrated, calm, happy?
  3. Assess how you’ve been behaving recently (today, or just in the last hour) … have you been constantly distracted? In a state of busyness? Focused? Procrastinating? Anxious or fearful? Irritated? Feeling down?
  4. Just be curious and non-judgmental.
  5. Face each of the feelings you’re noticing, and notice the mental pattern that caused it. If you’re frustrated, are you stuck in a resentful story about someone else or your current situation? If you’re anxious, is there some desired outcome that you’re holding tightly to? If you’re feeling down, are you comparing your situation with some ideal that you don’t have?
  6. How does your body feels? Sensations? Feelings?
  7.  Can you feel gratitude or find love and compassion, for yourself or others?

Take a few deep breaths, aloud yourself and see how you are after this.

Every day, take a moment to Be Present.