5 simple self care rituals for abundance


In modern society, we’re lead to believe we live in an action-and-result-based-material-world: the more you work, the more you have. With our personal value of the exterior world, we get caught up in a world of illusion and our spirit is crying out loud of acknowledgement. Giving attention to our interior, spiritual world through a daily self-care offers holistic acceptance and love to body, mind and spirit.

I suggest this 5 easy yet effective self care rituals for abundance:

1.- Create healthy boundaries

Say “yes” when you really want to say “yes” and “no” when is really a “no”. All of us, yearn for love, acceptance and to be happy, but we run our energy out, if we do not stay truthful to ourselves. By simple doing this ritual, you gain your power back feeling your destiny is your own creation. Just take a few moments, and close your eyes. Place both hands on your heart and say yes to yourself. Give yourself permission to create healthy boundaries with food, people and projects.

2.- Wear rosemary oil on the crown of  your head

Rosemary essential oil, carries an extraordinary and powerful protection vibration, of a mother wolf ‘s loving awareness. Love is the answer and is the highest protection and is pure essence. With this ritual you will feel confident, trusting life, joyful and of course, with shiny and fragrant hair!

3.- Cleanse your aura with selenite wand a white sage

Run a selenite wand around your body, including your hands, the soles of the feet and the back of your head, followed by the sacred smoke of white sage. This will take  a few minutes and you will feel completely wonderful.

4.- Write down your dreams and positive emotions

When we write down our dreams and positive emotions, we send to the universe, what we really want in life. The law of attraction will bring back to you, everything you will love to have or be. Your will activate your magic. And you will be aware of the signs and flags that the universe will be sending you, to guide you towards this new path of accomplishment. Maybe writing down your dreams, could be very long. So try, just to write some word keys, that will help you to stay focus and aware.

5.- Know your worth and don’t let anyone tell you the contrary

Fulfilling other’s projections of who you are, or who you “should” be, turn off our power and magic.  To know your value and expressing it, is living by your own and unique truth. A simply ritual, is looking at your own eyes in the mirror and saying three times out loud: “I’ am worthy”. Sometimes, some resistance comes up, just take your time. Naturally, will soon come.

We are all one.